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My Favorite Forbes Articles


20 Essential Life Lessons For Happiness And Success
"Ask for 100% of what you want from 100% of people 100% of the time," and other gems.

How Sam Polk, Former Wall Street Trader And 'Wealth Addict,' Broke Free Of His Golden Handcuffs
It's not easy to leave a cushy job for a life of uncertainty. Sam Polk managed to do it with a leap of faith and some practical preparation.

Can't Leave A Miserable Job Because Of The Money? Take These 7 Steps
If you're trapped by the golden handcuffs of a cushy job that you dislike, you can break free. Here's how.

How To Perform At Your Peak Every Day: 10 Tips For Working Smarter In 2014
The key to accomplishing more at work isn't working more. It's working smarter. Here are 10 tips for using your precious mental energy wisely.

How A Freelancer Manages Her Time, Money, To-Do List And Despair
Being completely free to pursue the work you want is a dream in some respects and loony-making in others. Here's how I manage it.

How To Be More Productive And Happier During Times Of Stress
The holidays can be a stressful time, with end-of-year goals coming due at work amidst holiday events. But you can make stress work for you. Here's how.

Money & Relationships

Want To Know If Your Partner Is A Financial Match? Take These 8 Steps
Given that you're most likely to attract your financial opposite, how can you find a compatible mate? Take these steps.

When One Sibling Has A Lot More Money
You were raised in the same household and share genes. So it can be discomfiting when one of you grows up to have a lot more money than the others.

A Tale Of Two Incomes: How To Handle Having More Money Than Your Friends
Having more money than your friends might not be a problem that garners you much sympathy. But it can cause misunderstandings and faux pas, as shown by these tales.

Have A Friend Or Family Member In Money Trouble? Take These 7 Steps
It's hard to watch a friend or family member ruin or harm themselves financially. But it can be even harder to intervene. Here's how to do it right.

Retirement & Investing

The 13 Biggest Money Mistakes Retirees Make
Retirement calls for a whole new approach to money, as you switch from earning to spending. Here's how to get ahead of the curve.

10 Investing Tricks That Will Help You Outperform Most Investors
The world's largest, most rabid group of self-help investors may not teach you how to beat the market, but they know how to beat most investors.

The Counterintuitive Investing Trick That Could Make Or Break Your Retirement
Afraid that once you reach retirement, you'll outlive your nest egg? The conventional wisdom on how to prevent that from happening may be all wrong.

A New Breed of Financial Advisor Takes Off
For years, financial planners focused on accumulating enough money for retirement. But with 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, a new professional is looking at how to turn those assets into income.

General Personal Finance

How Mr. Money Mustache Retired At Age 30 And How You Can Too
So many people worry about whether they will have enough money to retire at age 65, but one man and his wife did it at age 30. Here's how.

The 5 Most Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids
Children at age 3 understand concepts like saving and spending, and a person's money habits are formed by age 7. Here are essential money lessons for every age.

13 Money Mistakes To Stop Making By Year's End
It feels like there are so many ways to go wrong with your money. But actually, fixing common money mistakes is easy. Here's how.

New Grads, Here's How To Negotiate Your Salary
The one factor that will impact your finances more than other is your salary. Here's how to negotiate it.

Taking Out Student Loans? Do It Right With These 8 Tips
Looking to take out student loans this year? Follow these rules to keep your debt manageable.

Newlyweds, Here's How To Manage Your Finances
Want the honeymoon phase to last forever? Do something decidedly unsexy: talk about money.

Business & Economy

'Ads' Already Sneaking Their Way Onto Instagram
While Instagram doesn't yet have official ads, some burgeoning commercial activity on the app suggests great future potential for advertising and mobile revenue for parent company Facebook.

How She Lives On Minimum Wage: One McDonald's Worker's Budget (Included in the Forbes Best of 2013
Critics have pounced on an unrealistic budget McDonald's created for its employees. We talked with one McD's worker to find out what life is really like on minimum wage.

Additional Articles

Medical identity theft: How the health care industry is failing us Fortune
Unlike the financial services industry, health care companies lack measures to adequately prevent identity theft, even as they continue to digitize medical records and other sensitive information.

When our wearables talk with our doctors ZDNet
Soon, our wearables could change health care -- but perhaps not in the way you expect.

Innovative Loans Secure Affordable Housing AARP Foundation
Long-term, low-interest loans are helping seniors find a place to call home

5 Retirement Planning Steps Every Couple Should Take The Fiscal Times
Fewer than 40% of couples conduct their retirement planning together, making it less likely they'll achieve their goals. Here's how to get on the same page.

9 Steps to Getting a Raise in 2014 The Fiscal Times
Over the next few months, managers will be determining how to dole out next year's salary budget. Here's how to get yourself a bigger piece of the pie.

The Work-From-Home Debate: 5 Ways to Win It The Fiscal Times
You might have a good personal reason for working from home, but you need to show your boss the good business reasons. Here's how to do it right.

Long Reads

The Strange Life of a Teenage Pageant Host (will open in a new window)
Fainting. Crying. Puddles of pee. Welcome to the world of Zak Slemmer, and the youth beauty contests he so desperately loves.

The Three Sisters of Pyongyang Narratively (will open in new window)
A look back at the bold women of her great-grandmother's generation helps a Korean-American understand her own atypical upbringing in Ohio.

Yes We Can Narratively (will open in new window)
On the streets and digging through trash with New Yorkers who make their living half-a-penny at a time.


Tips and tricks of the trade.

7 Ways to Make Your Work Easy to Fact Check Poynter
Whether you're on staff or a freelancer, help prevent errors from getting in your story using these tips.

How journalists can work well with interpreters during interviews Poynter
When you're interviewing people who speak a different language from you, make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

How writers can collect and organize string for stories Poynter
Journalists often get captured by ideas or topics before they find a story. Here's how to organize information that could someday be useful.

13 ways to get your journalism project crowdfunded Poynter
On Kickstarter, only about a third of journalism projects are successful. Here's how to crowdfund right.


My writing about what I consider an important, fascinating issue.

Early Bloomers Audubon Magazine
How biologists are using Thoreau's notebooks to understand climate change.

Scents and Sensitivity Audubon Magazine
The chemistry between pollution and a flower's perfume is a case of fatal attraction.

Using Fungi to Replace Styrofoam Green Inc. blog,
Ecovative comes up with environmentally-friendly packaging and insulation products.

Making Credit Cards Landfill-Friendly Green Inc. blog,
A credit card that will biodegrade — but not until it expires.

Climate Change in Pictures Green Inc. blog,
How pictures can tell the story of climate change.

Thawing Permafrost Could Emit Massive Amounts of Greenhouse Gases InsideClimate News
Research shows the permafrost is warming. If it thaws, it could begin a domino effect of more warming.

Lawsuit Contends Oil Shale Drilling Has Impact on Climate Change InsideClimate News
From extraction to tailpipe, a gallon of shale oil emits as much or more carbon dioxide as a gallon of conventional oil.

Arctic Nations Order Investigation of Black Carbon, Blamed for Significant Ice Melt InsideClimate News
Soot from tailpipes and wood-burning stoves may be responsible for almost a fifth of the planet's warming.

Federal Green Bank Could Jump-Start Clean Energy Revolution InsideClimate News
A movement of lawmakers, energy companies and environmental groups is now promoting the creation of a federal green bank that would finance clean energy and energy efficiency projects.

CBO Answers Big Climate Bill Question: Cost InsideClimate News
The Congressional Budget Office projects that the climate bill in Congress would reduce the federal budget deficit by $24 billion over a decade.

Who's Responsible If a CO2 Storage Site Leaks? InsideClimate News
Companies are jittery about investing in carbon capture and storage projects until the government resolves questions about legal liability for damage from leaks.

Chevron Pollution Case Empowers Indigenous Groups Beyond the Amazon InsideClimate News
A lawsuit that indigenous groups brought against Chevron is serving as a warning to multinational companies that are considering projects that may harm the environment.

Two Utilities to Rent Rooftops as Mini Solar Power Plants InsideClimate News
Utilities use a novel approach to persuade homeowners and businesses to plunk down $10,000 or more for solar panels.

Technology Takes on Wind Power's Biggest Challenge: Predictability InsideClimate News
Businesses and the government labs are working to make wind power forecasting more accurate to ensure a steady power supply.

Overcoming Obstacles to a Smart Grid Future InsideClimate News
Smart grid technology will eventually revolutionize how we generate, distribute and consume energy, but first, system-wide standards and cybersecurity issues must be settled.

Scientists Debunk a Favorite Denier Claim about Climate Change InsideClimate News
Have you heard that Europe was as warm as it is now in the Middle Ages and therefore today's climate change is just natural variation? Read on.

Only 2 New Coal Plants Needed in 2013-2025 — If That InsideClimate News
The Department of Energy projects needing only two new coal plants for more than a decade.

Exuberance over Carbon Capture and Storage Ignores Time Frame for Deployment InsideClimate News
A breakdown of the hurdles carbon capture and storage faces in becoming widely deployed.

NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory Lost at Launch InsideClimate News
A missed opportunity for monitoring of carbon dioxide as it moves around the Earth.

Renewables Would Provide 3 Times as Many Jobs InsideClimate News
Requiring utilities to obtain power from renewable sources like wind and solar will create jobs.

Cloudy Forecast for LA's Solar Power Vote InsideClimate News
How a solar power proposal would affect the city's emissions.

EPA Review Reverberates Through U.S. Energy Industry InsideClimate News
The immediate impact of the EPA decision to reconsider whether carbon dioxide should be a regulated pollutant under the Clean Air Act.


I love anything creative — art and the people who make it.

Every Flavor in the Paan Stanford Magazine
By telling her family's stories, Minal Hajratwala has described the vast Indian diaspora.

Modern Dance Masala Stanford Magazine
Choreography by Parijat Desai blends the West's dynamic movements and India's sculptural precision.

Still Reeling Elmhurst College Prospect
The true Hollywood story of David Rasche: how a minister's boy from Belleville joined the bad and the beautiful.

A Writer in Debt to the King The Los Angeles Times
Ron McLarty's 10 novels and 44 plays had gone unpublished and unproduced. Enter: a famous horror novelist.

Reality TV Turns New Page The Los Angeles Times
Erik Barmack's debut novel, 'The Virgin,' may be the first book with a plot influenced by the shows. Could you make this stuff up?

Seriously Absurd Stanford Magazine
Vaudeville acts with egghead appeal.

A Man of Many Voices Stanford Magazine
Daniel Olivas draws on the denizens of L.A. for his fiction.

A Theme of Rebirth The Los Angeles Times
As the chemist responsible for the Pill, Carl Djerassi was an expert on reactions, but he never predicted that being dumped by the love of his life would trigger a change in his career.

A Rocky Road to Happily Ever After The Los Angeles Times
When storyteller Joel ben Izzy was diagnosed with cancer, he didn't know that would be the least of his problems.

Coldplay's Hot Politics USA Weekend
When the music stops, this British band focuses on larger causes.

'Side Man' Takes Center Stage
What it feels like when your first play wins the Tony.

En Route to an Oscar
Michael Clarke Duncan looks like a bouncer and acts like an Oscar nominee.

Forget Salzburg, the Lederhosen's in London
Is that the sound of music in the movie theater?




I must have been a glutton in a former life; now, all I want to be is healthy. I have always liked healthy food and exercise: even as a young child, I didn't like brownies and when I was seven years old, I waged a campaign composed of refrigerator signs to stop my father from smoking. (He did.) As I live, so I write.

Free-Market Yoga Yoga Journal
Yoga Works is quickly becoming the first major nonfranchised studio chain in America — and while some yogis are nervous, others are delighted. What does its expansion mean for you and your town?

Pep Up With Polarity Therapy Natural Health
This energy-based modality can give you a lift, get you out of your rut, and put you back in balance.

Step Lively Yoga Journal
Strong and supple feet and ankles can reduce the risk of sprains.

No-Judgment Zone The Los Angeles Times
Barefoot, free-form dance is the latest in mind-body grooving.

Where Dance Club and Play Date Meet for Fun The Los Angeles Times
Even little kids go clubbing.

Cleveland Yoga Tour Yoga Journal
Cleveland was once renowned as the city whose river caught on fire, but what's on fire now is yoga.

Jivamukti Yoga New York Today
The largest yoga center in the U.S. also has a large number of detractors and supporters. (This review was written as part of a package reviewing 20 New York yoga centers that I edited.)

Next Generation Yoga New York Today
The yoga babes at this center really are babes. (This review was also written for the feature package on yoga in New York.)

Sleepless in Suburbia
Commuters, don't fret about road rage. Go back to bed.

Power in Play The New York Post
Gyrotonic looks like torture, but feels like play.




It's fun writing about other people, but sometimes I write about myself too.

There Will Never Be a Last Tango The New York Times
The rituals of the close embrace.

Ah, Sweet Mystery of E-Mail The New York Times
Dating in a digital world.

Mung Dynasty Saveur
The taste of love.


Interesting people.

From ecovillage to Greenwich Village at Stanford Magazine
Cecil Scheib spent his first decade out of college establishing and running an ecovillage. Now, he directs sustainability efforts at New York University.

In the Right at USCD Magazine
Conservative editor Harry Crocker has published several recent polarizing books, including Dinesh D'Souza's The Roots of Obama's Rage.

Grave Testimony Stanford Magazine
Bones speak volumes to investigator Clea Koff.

Ready for Takeoff Stanford Magazine
A new sport hits U.S. slopes.


Travel, Food and Shopping


From the frontiers of hedonism.

Un-brellas Slate (link will open in a new window)
How should you stay dry?

Lounging Poolside, in Tandem The Wall Street Journal, April 1, 2005 (Adobe Acrobat required)
A growing trend in furniture.

Va-Va-Vegas Travel and Leisure
In Vegas, sometimes the show is in the hotel room.

Pole Position Travel and Leisure
High-tech playing in the snow.

Occupational Therapy Travel and Leisure
Get a job for vacation.

Seoul on Tap Saveur
Korea enjoys a whole new kind of ferment.


The Internet


You know those ads that say, "Earn hundreds of dollars surfing the Internet!" Well, I do that.

Pick a Country, Learn the Lingo USA Weekend
Say hello everywhere you go.

Custom-made Jeans USA Weekend
The online quest for the perfect pair of jeans.

Laughing All the Way to the Cartoonbank USA Weekend
That's just one of the excellent sites out there that can bring a smile to your day.

What a (Great) Waste of Time USA Weekend
Efficient time-wasting.

Sign Up for Wedding Loot USA Weekend
Going to the chapel, gonna get presents.

Opera in the House USA Weekend
Learn the plots and lyrics before you arrive at the theater.

Learn the Lingo USA Weekend
These sites can make sense of alphabet soup online.

Real Estate

Robert Louis Stevenson's Russian Hill Villa Luxury Homes
Designed by Willis Polk to honor the illustrious writer, this lovingly restored tribute enjoys new life.

Considering how little time New Yorkers spend in their apartments, it's ironic that the small spaces take up so much of New Yorkers' conversations. Apartment Envy, a column I created and edited for New York Today's Real Estate section, which eventually became Real Estate, was an extension of that never-ending discussion. even wrote an article about the popular column, which often included slide shows of the apartments and videos of the owners giving tours. Blueprints, another feature I created, focused on New York residential buildings.

Apartment Envy on New York Today/
No Exit
A rich and famous guy lives under surveillance — by choice.

Fires, floods and thieves couldn't deter Jared Kotz from his super-sized spot.

A Real Estate Marriage Sours
Michelle Arboit found her perfect home — only, it wasn't hers.

The Rocking-House Builder
A fitness instructor sat on the dock of the bay and then decided to live in the bay.




Reviewing music and movies is much more efficient than spending hours reading something to write a few hundred words on it. Yet, I prefer the time-consuming review. These reviews represent many happy hours spent reading on the subway, at lunch and in bed.

The Salt House by Cynthia Huntington, review
Love and poetry mix in the sand of Cape Cod.

The Love of a Good Woman by Alice Munro, review
Short stories that speak volumes about women.

For the Time Being by Annie Dillard, review
The Pulitzer Prize winner takes juxtaposition to a higher level.

The Curse: Confronting the Last Unmentionable Taboo, Menstruation by Karen Houppert, review
Village Voice reporter Karen Houppert waxes intelligently about the moon cycle.